Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday beauty: Hair coloring

Although I am a natural blonde, I no longer have that platinum blonde hair I used to have as a child, and I don't want to go out in the sun just to get my hair to be that color naturally.  So, like many other women, I color my hair.  Not like many other women, though, I only color my hair three or four times a year at most.

So...the last time I had my hair colored was in April.

And it definitely showed!  My roots were over two inches long, which makes sense since hair tends to grow half an inch a month.  Thankfully, my roots are usually not too noticeable since my natural color is blonde and I keep my hair natural underneath.  I only get the top layer colored.  Just looking at the these three before pictures, it's really only noticeable when looking down at it.

I can't wait forever, though!  So, I finally got my hair colored.  It only took an hour and a half, which is surprisingly short for my very dense and long hair.  People are always telling me how dense my hair is.  I don't know any different, but I guess I have to believe them!

I go a little lighter every time.  I'm working toward almost white hair, but I don't want to shock myself with it.

I looked crazy in this picture.  D:

The dark layers can be seen underneath.

I got a trim, too.  The ends look a lot better, for sure!

I always get compliments on my hair, even from strangers.  I suppose it's my best asset?  :b

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