Saturday, September 6, 2014

New layout

Hello, peridot!

A new layout featuring the birthstone of September, the sapphire!  It's all about the blue this month!  And maybe for the next few months if I'm too lazy to change the layout for awhile.  :b

Well, I can't say this is the greatest layout I've ever made.  My biggest problem when a designing a webpage is that I'm not an artist!  So, even though I know how to code and get things to look a certain way, I do not have the artistic ability to truly create anything stunning.  Regardless, I am satisfied with how this layout turned out.  I think it accomplishes what I want it to accomplish.

Yes, those silhouettes are me.  They were adapted from my modeling photos since I am, of course, a real model. /just joking, not really a model

For custom font lovers out there like me, the names of the fonts I used for this layout are Allura and Stalemate.  Find them at in addition to tons of other fonts!

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