Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday whatever: Organizing and hot chocolate

So, my mom asked me to organize our pantry.  I think most people would agree that that is not a very fun job, but in our case, we actually keep it pretty organized already, so there actually wasn't that much for me to do, believe it or not.

Considering that our pantry is like quadruple the size of most average pantries, though, I actually do find it amazing how well organized we manage to keep it!

Our pantry wasn't always this big.  When we first moved in, I would say it was the size of an average pantry.  My mom decided she wanted a bigger one, though.  Our washer and dryer used to be in a small room right next to the pantry, so we sealed up the one wall, knocked out the other, and joined it with the pantry to create a much larger pantry.  We then converted one of the bedrooms into a very large laundry room.

These pictures are from before I reorganized it, but as you can see, there really wasn't much for me to do.

Mitt is always following me, haha.
We've had those plastic cereal containers for as long as I can remember!
The old pantry wall used to about where that pancake mix is now.
Food storage.  We have a lot of it.  And this is maybe a quarter of all the food storage we have total.

Solar light!  Whoever thought of that was a genius.

This step ladder is awesome!  We use this fridge for desserts and other food we don't use as often.
Everyone needs a utility wall!
We're all pretty short in my family besides my dad, so this step stool with wheels really comes in handy.
I'm not sure where we used to keep this stuff before we had this larger pantry!

I tried my best to organize everything, but I mostly just ended up unwrapping things and making everything more accessible.  I wasn't sure what else to do.

But while I was going through things, I found this!

I had never seen them before and was not sure why we had them.  They were on one of the baking shelves, so perhaps it was used in the crust for a pie or something.  The back said they went perfect with coffee, tea, or milk.  I assumed that could also include hot chocolate, and, well, I just had to try it out!  It seemed like the perfect breakfast to me.

I decided to give this Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa mix a try once again even though I never seem to like it every time I do try.  This mix requires milk, and I usually prefer mixes that use water.  People always think I'm crazy when I say that, but it's true.  I just find that hot chocolate made with milk tastes a bit strange.  This mix really does need milk, though.  I tried it with milk once, and it was disgusting.  Not only that, but it wouldn't mix even with very hot water, like the correct bonds just weren't being made or however the chemistry of hot chocolate works, just globs of chocolate floating in water.  Another reason I prefer hot chocolate with water is that it is fewer calories, so I thought that maybe using low-calorie almond milk would work, but no, it did not.  That was also disgusting.  No, this mix really does require milk, and for that reason, I would never buy it for myself.  My mom bought this some time ago.  I guess it looked like it would be high-quality stuff, but I care more about taste than being fancy.

Anyway, I have tried it with milk, but that was a long time ago, so I couldn't remember if it was good or not.  I decided to make it the correct way this time and see what happened.

Rather than use a measuring cup, I just poured in the milk until it looked like it was about eight ounces.
I like to add tons of chocolate when I make hot chocolate (or chocolate milk).  I think I put in three or four heaping spoonfuls.
It didn't seem quite chocolatey enough, so I ended up adding more.
I poured the milk into the cup, and it filled it perfectly!  I am so good at guessing.  8D  I then tried to arrange it all pretty-like on this plate along with the cookies.
Then I saw these marshmallows...
And then it was perfect.
I then had to bring out the perfect activity to do while drinking hot chocolate...

Seventy-three down so far!  My brain is going to stay young forever.
I know that many people find it boring, but I just love crossword puzzles.  I've also gotten really good at them since starting this book.  At first, I would get stuck all the time, but after awhile, you start to understand how to think about the clues differently.  I rarely need to look at the answers in the back now.  It definitely makes you think, and I've actually learned a lot from completing so many of them.

As for the hot chocolate, well, it still isn't my favorite.  I definitely prefer the cheaper stuff that you can make with water.  It wasn't bad, but definitely not amazing.  The cookies were really good, though.  They kind of melted in my mouth.  Nothing beats that!

A good breakfast overall, I would say.  Next time, though, I'm using Nestlé!