Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday whatever: The queen and her kittens


My mom loves rescuing cats, especially pregnant ones so that we can enjoy the kittens. We then get the mama and the kittens fixed and find them new homes. A bit less than two months ago, we rescued a pregnant tortoiseshell cat. We decided to name her Mitsubashi (Mitt for short) since she looked just like the cat we took care of back in Okinawa, which we also named Mitt.

About a week after rescuing her, she finally gave birth to a litter of five kittens.  There was a dark grey male kitten with white paws, a female dark striped kitten, a female tortoiseshell, and two male orange kitties.  Sadly, one of the orange kittens succumbed to Fading Kitten Syndrome, and we had to give him up to the vet.  We don't know his status.

As for the other kittens, they are about six weeks old now and completely adorable.

The first-born of the group, Figaro, is a dark grey kitty with white paws.  He was always much bigger than the other kittens, so chubby that sometimes he would roll onto his back and then he'd be stuck like that.  He's kind of a rebel, doing his own thing.  He doesn't like to be held, but he is very playful and loves to wrestle with his siblings.

The second-born, Dora, is a dark grey kitty with stripes.  She is very smart and was named Dora because she is the most adventurous of the group, always exploring and testing things out before the other kittens.  She was the first to walk, and once she started, she was walking all over the room while the kittens remained in their nest.  She is very playful but also very sweet.  She'll let you hold her up to your face and will gently feel you with her paws or smell you.

The third-born, Two-Faced, is a fluffy tortoiseshell kitty.  I did not name her that, by the way, and I imagine her new new owners will definitely be changing that name.  She is kind of shy but also curious.  She is bit more hesitant than the other kittens, but once she sees it's safe, she'll join in.  She enjoys wrestling with her siblings.

The youngest, Toulouse, is a very fluffy orange kitty named after the orange kitten from Disney's The Aristocats.  He's kind of a loner, often sleeping by himself, though he sometimes sleeps with his siblings, too.  He's the most docile of the group.  He'll sleep in your lap or in the crook of your arm for hours.  He can also be very playful and especially loves wrestling with Figaro.  He was the first of the group to eat solid food and has a big appetite.  He's the sweetest kitten of the group.

Mitt is no-nonsense amd perhaps the least affectionate mama we've ever had.  When she first had her kittens, I would often sit with them, and she would just up and leave me alone with them, sometimes for over an hour.  This was her second or third litter, so perhaps she just knew the drill and didn't feel the need to be overprotective.  That said, at times, she would be very protective of them.  When they were really little, if I decided to take one of the kittens out of the nest, she would come right over, take it in her mouth, and carry it back.  When they were four or five weeks old, if we took them out to the living room, she would round them up and take them back to their usual room.  Right now, though, she is weaning them.  She'll hiss and growl at them when she wants them to leave her alone.  I guess she's ready to kick them out of the house!

But she does still nurse them sometimes...

We have already put ads out for them.  We will be finding new homes for them soon.  I will miss them, but I'm just so happy to get all of these opportunities to play with kittens.

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