Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday beauty: Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow shaping is a small thing a woman can do that can make a huge difference.  Unfortunately, it is not painless!  I tend to put it off for weeks longer than I should just because I hate doing it.  Fortunately, my hair is light, so I can afford to go a long time.

This time, however, it had been a few months...

Even though they didn't really look that bad, I couldn't wait anymore.  So, grudgingly, I headed to the mall where there is an eyebrow threading station.

I don't ever get my eyebrows waxed anymore.  I can't say that threading hurts less than waxing, but it is a lot quicker, and my eyebrows aren't red and puffy afterwards for hours like they used to be when I had them waxed.  Now, they just turn pink for a couple hours.

Just a little pink.  Not too bad!

But the effect is better the next day when the irritation is gone.

I will never wax again.  Threading is far more convenient!

Well, let's see how long I go before getting my eyebrows done again this time.  :b  Thankfully, as you might be able to see, it really isn't too noticeable when I don't get them done for a long time.  I guess I'm just lucky!

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