Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday holiday: Pumpkin carving

I'd never really carved a pumpkin before.  I kind of did last year, but I didn't have the right tools, and it turned out not very good.  It was a group project, and we did it without a stencil.  This year, I carved a pumpkin for real.  My sister chose out the designs for both of our pumpkins.  One was a Nightmare Before Christmas design, the other was Link's shield from Zelda.  I did Link's shield.  I think we should've made it bigger, but overall, it turned out okay for my first real try at carving!

Here's mine.  Hooray!  Saydee did some of it, too.

Saydee did this one.  Jack's figure turned out to be too difficult to cut around, so she improvised!  I think she could've done it if she had the patience, though.  :b

It looks better lit up!  I had to cut a hole in the back so that the candles could get enough oxygen to stay lit.

This one also needed a hole in the back.
Happy Halloween!  I love Halloween so much!  So sad that it's already over.

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  1. They look awesome! Next year, I want Alejandro and me to dress up as Link and Zelda!