Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday modeling: Charles Erickson

You can read more about my views on and experiences with modeling here.

This shoot required me to get up a bit earlier than I like to, but of course, pretty much everything requires that considering that I stay up late and love to sleep in until ten!  But I can get up early when I need to, and since this was downtown, I needed to give myself extra time in case of traffic.

Since it was early Saturday morning, I had no trouble finding a parking spot.  One of the reasons I try to avoid going downtown is because of how difficult it is to find parking.  I was pretty early, about twenty-five minutes.  That was good because I needed time to calm my nerves and try to relax.  I walked around for a bit before heading to our decided meeting place.  I didn't have to wait long because the photographer I was working with, Charles Erickson, decided to come early, too.  :b

The shoot was a 1950's style editorial shoot.  I didn't really have anything that looked like it was from that era, but I tried my best.  I had this short-sleeved dress shirt that I got from DownEast Basics which I thought kind of looked the part.  I did only basic make-up since I was asked to wear red lipstick, and you can't wear bold lipstick and bold eye make-up at the same time (usually; I suppose it would be fine for a high-fashion shoot).  I didn't actually have red lipstick, just lip stain, but stain lasts so much longer that lipstick that it was probably the better choice anyway.

I was very shy and nervous like I always am in the beginning.  I really had no idea what I was doing, and I get so self-conscious about pleasing other people!  I had forgotten to take something for my anxiety, so I was really all on my own.  :b  The first half hour or so was admittedly not very good.  I was trying to relax my mouth, but the problem is that my relaxed face unfortunately looks not relaxed at all.  My mouth always looks pursed when it's closed, and I think it is just the way my chin and jaw are shaped.  To get that relaxed look, I have to open my mouth a little, but if I open it too wide, it's very noticeable!  So, that's something about my face that I've been trying to work with and figure out.  It's not easy.  My entire life, people have been telling me that I look sad or angry.  It's like I have to smile all the time or else people think I'm in a bad mood.  I wish my natural, relaxed expression wasn't so fierce-looking, haha.

 In the beginning, my hair was down, but once I put my hair in a pony-tail, I felt that my poses and expression got better which then resulted in better pictures.  I definitely felt more relaxed at the end than I was in the beginning, and I started having a lot more fun.

And maybe too much fun!  Toward the end, as I was going down the stairs, I wasn't paying as much attention as I should've and somehow got my stiletto stuck in such a way that I tripped and fell on my knee.  It's still bruised even now!  I had never tripped in heels until that day, so it was quite the experience.

I was completely drained afterwards, but it was definitely worth it, especially after seeing the results!

The most important thing I learned from this shoot was trying to soften my mouth.  I think I've discovered new ways to do so without opening it too much or resorting to smiling.  I'm already really good at smiling, though, so I really want to perfect my non-smiling expressions.  I'll get there someday!

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