Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday modeling: Josh Nistas

You can read more about my views on and experiences with modeling here.

I have three shoots under my belt now.  Not bad for my first week as a model, right?  :b  I'll be doing three more next week.  It's exhausting but also so fun and exciting!

My second shoot ever was this past Wednesday.  I was extremely nervous.  The introvert in me really, really, really didn't want to go.  The introvert in me wanted to cancel and forget I ever even considered doing any modeling work.

But the...Kayla in me, I guess, really wanted to try something new, to get out there and do something she's always wanted to do.  Kayla was and still is very tired of being afraid to do anything!

So, I picked out a dress and made the long drive to downtown Tucson to meet the photographer I would be working with, Josh Nistas.  I arrived early in order to compose myself.  We were meeting at a place called Hippie Gypsy, and fortunately for me, I found parking right out front.  No stress at all in that area which better enabled me to calm myself down.  I have terrible anxiety when meeting new people, and I have an intense fear of disappointing people.  I wanted to do more than just my best.  I wanted to be a good model, to give the photographer shots that he would like.

I had no idea what Josh looked like.  At five minutes until our agreed meeting time, I jumped out of my car, feeling a little out of place since I was dressed up.  I kept trying to tell myself that no one was looking at me, no one was taking any notice of me.  But the very colorful dress I was wearing coupled with my bright hair, how could I not be noticed?  I just tried very hard not to think about it and employed my greatest coping mechanism of all: never making eye contact with anybody!

I know, I know, that's a terrible coping mechanism.  It's why so many people think I'm stuck-up.  The real truth is that anytime I make eye contact with someone is a guarantee that he or she is taking notice of me, so if I just avoid eye contact, I can just pretend that no one is looking at me.  It seems to work.  Definitely cuts down on my stress, and I find that it's easier for me to go out when I do it.

But I knew I needed to be looking at people if I was going to find Josh.  I walked into the Hippie Gypsy store (which sold Bohemian-style clothes...actually, I liked it!), and not long after, a guy with a camera walked in.  He noticed me before I noticed him, thankfully, so I didn't have to feel too awkward asking if he was Josh worrying that I might be wrong.

We walked around downtown, and every time Josh saw a good area, we stopped to take a few shots.  I tried my best to work on my face and posing.  It's definitely not as easy as it looks!  Trying to pose well and have a good face to match is not intuitive at all; at least, not for me.  Josh was very patient and completely professional and helped me to get some very good experience in addition to some wonderful pictures to add to my portfolio.

I learned a lot from this experience, especially with what angles work for and how I should not position my arms (my arm looks too big in that last photo).  I love all of the photos; they were just what I wanted!

I had blisters on my toes from walking in my heels for so long, but it was all worth it!  I have another shoot tomorrow that the introvert in me is already screaming at me to cancel.  I'm doing it no matter what, though!  Modeling is fun once you're in it.  The anticipation is nerve-wracking, but it's a temporary discomfort.  The end result is forever and definitely worth it.

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