Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday shopping: Downtown Disney

Well, once again, another year we went to Disneyland, another year I really wanted to do some shopping, and another year I didn't really get to do any shopping.  The only time we went shopping was right before Mickey's Halloween Party, and that was in Downtown Disney, not the actual park.

That said, a lot of the merchandise for sale in the park is pretty much the same, so I would say that most of what I could've bought in the park was probably in the main Disney store in Downtown Disney.

Didn't actually go into this store, but the entryway just looked so pretty!
I saw this in a store called Disney Vault 28.  I don't think it was actually for sale, but I loved it.  There were other paintings, too, but none for Aladdin.  :(
I took a picture of the signature so that I could look up the artist later, but I can't read it.  D:
This was the store we spent the most time in.
This was hanging over the other entryway in World of Disney.
I didn't actually plan on buying anything.  I just wanted to look at things, see what neat things Disney was putting out.  Mostly, I just looked for Aladdin stuff since it's my all-time favorite movie.  There wasn't very much, though, and the stuff I did find was all Jasmine.  Jasmine's awesome and everything and she certainly sells the most out of all of the characters being a princess and all, but Aladdin (the character) has a special place in my heart.

Plus, he's really hot.  :b

Ooh, I want this.

Yay, Jasmine costume section!  So glad she had one of her own.  Lately, she's been pushed aside in favor of Tiana or some of the other new princesses.

A little off-model here, but still so pretty!

Really off-model here.  I just realized that the one next to her is backwards.  I guess they decided to reduce her ponytail to only one!
I did find some other things, of course.

I needed a new antenna topper, so I bought this one!  It even has a fluffy tail!

Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit OTP 4EVA omg.  I also like the Mickey Indiana Jones figure!  

This Tigger tail is way too cute!  They also had Sully and Marie tails, but this was definitely the most fun.  (By the way, we're about to go to Mickey's Halloween Party, so that's why I'm dressed as a monster.)
These shoes were so peridot that I simply had to buy them!  It's not common that I find flats that I like since I usually find them to be kind of ugly.

Definitely peridot!  It reminded me of something I would find in China.  I didn't actually want to buy it due to the Minnie graphic on the bow, but I still felt the need to try it on.

There were no dressing rooms in this store for some reason.  I mean, the place sells costumes!  How else are you supposed to know if they fit?  I used the restroom as a dressing room, but I think I set off an alarm on the way in.  :b  There was no mirror for me to look at it, though.  Myeh.  The dress was a little too big for me as I suspected it would be.  The smallest size they had was an XS, and I wear between an XXXS and XXS.  Still, it's really peridot!  I'm actually glad it didn't fit because then I would've been tempted to buy it.
Shopping for Disney stuff is always fun, especially when it's high quality Disney stuff.  Japan had the best Disney merchandise I've ever seen, but the stuff available here is also really nice.  I'm not a collector or anything, but I love looking at it.

Well, okay, I do have an Aladdin collection.  :b  When I move into my new house and get it set up, I'll have to take some pictures of it and post it here!