Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday dining: Fat Fish


While on vacation in San Diego, the day before we left, we decided to go out to eat.  I had this dress that ended up looking better on me than I thought it would.  D:

A little long, though!
We walked to a nearby restaurant called Fat Fish.  I can't say it's the most attractive name for a restaurant, but other than that, it looks like a nice place.  Legit, even.

Also, I guess it's a Cantina grill, as its name suggests!

There was no wait once we got inside.  We were seated immediately.  We were sort of halfway indoors and halfway outdoors.  That's how our table was, anyway.  It was kind of cold!  I hate being cold while I eat, but for the sake of fashion, I tried to keep my jacket off for as long as I could so that my dress could be seen.  It looked too good on me not to be seen!

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere.  Dark, but nice.  My parents and aunt and uncle had difficulty seeing the menu in the dim light.  Fortunately for my little sister and me, we have young eyes that can still see small print in low light.  :b

Inside of the restaurant
Outdoor seating.  We our table was half in and half out.
Unfortunately for me, the menu was mostly fish...which I don't particularly like.  :/  So, the menu didn't really appeal much to me.  After a great amount of deliberation, I decided to get something from the appetizer menu, a plate of nachos!  Yay!

Our service was actually pretty slow, especially considering that the restaurant wasn't too busy.  Our server was nice, for sure, but we were waiting a long time before our food finally arrived.

And when it did was just okay.

No one in our group was raving about the food.  It tasted good and everything, but it was nothing special.  Even the guacamole was just okay, and that coupled with the slow service really made for a mediocre meal.

It really wasn't that bad, but I don't ever want to go here again.  If someone suggested it, I would try to suggest something else.  I'm not against the restaurant, but it's rather expensive and just not worth it.

Overall, I give it one and a half peridots.  Pricey, just okay food, slow service, and poor lighting don't make for that great of a dining experience.


  1. Ahh, I'm sorry you didn't get to taste the really good stuff in San Diego (I just moved back from there), but hopefully you did find a few places you liked. In my opinion, San Diego has the best Mexican food (in small, independent taqeurias away from the tourist attractions).

    1. We were only there for a few days primarily to go to Disneyland. Fat Fish was just one of the closest restaurants within walking distance. I have no doubt there are better restaurants in San Diego!

      And I don't know, my hometown of Tucson has some pretty amazing Mexican food. :b

    2. Ooh, sounds like a fun vacation! I'm a little jealous since I haven't been to Disneyland since my Grad Night, which was five years ago. :(

      Maybe I'll have to try some Mexican food in Tucson. All I know is that Mexican food in the Bay Area just isn't the same for me anymore. Haha! :P