Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday dining: Goofy's Kitchen


After a long day at the happiest place on Earth, we were all extremely tired, but we had made a reservation to dine with Disney characters at eight o'clock, so we made the drive to the Disneyland Hotel in which Goofy's Kitchen is located.

Dining with character...OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE

Actually, even though I was dead tired, I was very excited for this dining experience.  I am of course beyond the intended age group for character dining, but I love Disney, and I was also quite hungry after walking all day.  I was still wearing my Minnie Mouse costume, so I was hoping to get a picture with Minnie.

I am really mad at myself for not taking a high quality shot of my full costume, but here is the iPhone image of it that I did take:

Anyway, we arrived a little early, so we couldn't go in right away.  In the meantime, we took some pictures with Goofy, who was greeting guests right outside the restaurant.

"Do you ever wonder why we're always, like, wearing gloves?"
My little niece, Skylar (in the Ariel costume) had been having a phobia of these costumed characters.  She loves them, but when she actually saw them, she started screaming and crying.  We somehow managed to get her to be brave this night, finally.  I am told that she had refused to see them in Toontown, but she was able to work up the courage to hold his hand.  She even blew him a kiss goodbye!

The moment we stepped into the actual restaurant, however, Minnie was interacting with the guests at the very first table, and Skylar immediately started throwing a fit.  Last year, she was extremely afraid of Minnie, too.  We think it might've been that Minnie was bigger than Skylar had been expecting her to be.  She loves the T.V. show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but the show kind of gives you the impression that the characters are her size in real life, so we think it freaked her out how big she is in person.

Anyway, funny enough, like thirty seconds after she saw Minnie, Pluto walked by, and Skylar instantly stopped crying and gave him a kiss on his nose.  o.O  Yeah, weird.

The restaurant set-up was pretty nice.

It was a buffet-style restaurant, and there was actually a really good selection of food.  I got all of my favorites, the comfort food that's actually pretty bad for you but so delicious.  Hey, I had been walking all day.  I deserved it!

I was planning on ordering a cool, refreshing drink but ended up getting hot chocolate.  They don't usually serve it with whipped cream, but they did at my request.  They even put sprinkles on it!  And they gave me an extra cup of whipped cream.  It was actually really good, probably among the best hot chocolate I've ever had.
Okay, the plate was kind of crowded, so it's not pretty.  Also, they had Jell-O shots!  I don't usually get Jell-O at buffets, but the presentation was too good to pass up.  It was also delicious.
I wish I could say the food was fantastic, but I would say that it was just good, just as good as I would expect it to be, nothing fantastic or particularly noteworthy.  No complaints, no compliments, just good.

Throughout our dinner, we had several characters meet with us: Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse.  Skylar pulled through and was not afraid of any of them.  Even when Minnie Mouse came by, she somehow held it together with all of our coaxing.  She was extremely proud of herself afterwards for overcoming her fear of Minnie!

Chip actually saw us twice.  The second time, after we had seen Dale, Skylar told him excitedly, "Chip!  We saw your friend, Dale!"  Daw.
That's my second cousin, Ella, in the Minnie dress.  She was also very excited to see the characters.
I ended up not being able to get a picture with Minnie.  Sad Panda!  Oh, well.  Pluto was probably the funniest.  Skylar and Ella both gave him kisses on the nose, and his reaction was so cute.  He clutched his heart and started jumping around.  When I came back from getting my food, I ran into Chip who proceeded to give me a hug and make these kissing sounds, haha.  Every time I see Chip or Dale, though, I just think of their T.V. show.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers!

Mickey Mouse or Donald were not present, of course.  Well, I don't know about Donald, but I know Disney is extremely protective of Mickey.  Even in the park, he's on a bit of a tight leash.  He was Walt's nearest and dearest creation, after all.  I actually think all three of the main trio are well-guarded, but the restaurant is named after Goofy, so he of course had to be there, although he was not in the actual restaurant.

I wish we could've seen Donald, though.  He always makes me laugh!  Seeing the characters in this setting rather than in the park was awesome because the kids were able to interact with them far more than they ever could in the park, and they absolutely loved it.  They were smiling and hugging and even kissing the characters.

Dessert was actually quite impressive.

omg dirt omnomnom
There were so many options, I wasn't even able to get all of them.  I loved how instead of being divided into smaller portions from a larger portion, they were just tiny individualized desserts.  They were so cute!  The mini pumpkin pie and mini creme brulee were really adorable.  Also, they were all really good, especially that creme brulee.  I wasn't able to eat everything, but I ended up eating more than I wanted to since they were just so good!

Goofy's Kitchen is definitely a family-oriented restaurant, especially families with young kids.  While the food isn't amazing or anything, the experience is well worth it (plus the desserts).  At the end of the night, my niece exclaimed, "This is the best dinner ever!"  It was definitely worth the visit, and I would certainly go again.  Overall, I give it four peridots out of five for the fun experience, the cute desserts, the good service, and the Disney magical atmosphere.  Yes, it really is that fun!  :)