Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday dining: Uva Bar and Cafe


While in Downtown Disney, we stopped to get lunch at a cafe in the area.  We would be going to Mickey's Halloween Party at three o'clock, so I was in costume.

I was the only one in costume, in fact.  Everyone else decided that they would put their costumes on when it cooled down.  When I post about it, you'll see how that turned out.  :b

Please forgive my poor self-taking photography skills...

I'm wearing green and pink eyeshadow.  I should've taken a picture of my closed eyelids!

Trying to look menacing and fierce!

I look kind of surprised.  :0
I stood out a lot.  Relatively few people are able to get tickets for Mickey's Halloween, and most people who would also be going would not be arriving for awhile.  This was the early afternoon, and I was the only one in full costume walking around.  Not only that, but my costume was neon and kind of obnoxious.  Any extra attention is always hard for me to deal with.  My best coping mechanism is to never make eye contact with anyone...though I admit that it's not a very good coping mechanism since it just makes people think I am stuck-up.

My cousin, Brenna, told me that seeing my costume made her happy, though.  :)

The cafe is part of a larger restaurant called Catal.  I believe that Catal was upstairs, but we stayed downstairs at the cafe part.

 It looks pretty neat from outside!  The inside is also cool.  It's small, though.  It's definitely not meant to be an actual restaurant, at least not for large parties.  We had a party of seven and were seated right in the middle.

I love the kitchen area with all of the pots hanging from the picture.  The color scheme is subtle but at the same time invigorating and energizing.  I really liked the atmosphere of the place.

The menu was limited, but again, it's not meant to be full-fledged restaurant.  It took me a long time to decide what I wanted since nothing sounded especially appealing to me.  I finally decided on the Uva burger.

I'm generally not a burger fan, but this actually tasted pretty good, and the fries were good.  My sister, Saydee, ordered some calamari which was okay, but not as crunchy as they usually are.

I overall enjoyed the meal, but it wasn't anything special to me.  I didn't even feel the need to finish it all.  Good enough, I suppose.  Decent.  I think everything looks better than it actually is.  The decor makes up for a lot, though, and you really do have to keep in mind that it's just a cafe.  The service was certainly friendly, though we did wait quite awhile for our food which might've been due to us being a large group.

Would I go back?  No.  Would I recommend it to anyone else?  No.  I think there's probably better food to be found in Downtown Disney.

Overall, I give it two and a half peridots.

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