Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday shopping: Costumes I want

Well, I did pretty much nothing today.  I've been so worn out that I needed a day of, well, nothing.  I didn't leave the house at all, haha.

So, today's post is not very exciting, but I was doing some online shopping for some Halloween costumes.  Costumes are really expensive, so I don't own very many, but I do love dressing up and always dream about maybe being rich someday and buying all the costumes I want.  :b

Here are three that I would love to have right now:

Sexy Belly Dancer Bollywood Costume
I really love the colors of this one, the length, the sheerness.  It also includes the bangles which is unusual for a costume package to include!  It's just, you know...I don't want to spend sixty dollars on it.

Ladies Midnight Vamp Costume
I love the shape and overall look of this one!  But again, it's sixty dollars...
If I could get a Sailormercury costume that looked pretty much exactly like this one, I would be so happy.  The costume in this image really is perfect.  Unfortunately, this is only a promotional image.  Typically, when you buy a costume like this, you're getting it from someone who is only trying to copy the picture.  They very well may be cutting corners with cheaper fabric or different designs.  Especially when ordering from China, there's just no guarantee of what you're going to get.  If I were to buy this costume, I would request it without the shoulder tubing as Sailormercury has none in the manga, and that's the look I would want to try to copy.  As for the wig, tiara, and boots, I would probably buy those from other sellers who specialize in them.  Someday, someday.  Maybe.  D: 

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  1. Costumes really are expensive! I think I'll just do my makeup as a cat this year. Haha!