Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday vacation: Condo and boardwalk

About a week ago, we drove to San Diego for a family vacation.  After a six-hour drive, we finally made it to where we were staying: Capri by the Sea, a condo that sits right on the boardwalk by the Pacific Beach.

My family was originally going to stay in the room on the third floor, but my uncle's car was not able to fit in the assigned spot for his room, so we ended up taking his room instead.  It actually worked out really well since I liked our new room on the seventh floor better!

Mirrored wall to make the ocean scene look longer when you're sitting inside.

Hello!  Guyllie!

Can you believe that Saydee and I never once used this T.V.?

I'm afraid of heights.  D:

Someone left their flip flop behind!  So sad!

This was outside the lobby in the garage.  It's a healthy vending machine!
Indeed...very, very healthy.
After we got settled in, we decided to get something to eat.  We chose this place called Buddies Burgers, a casual restaurant that specializes in, well, burgers.

Freestyle Coke machine!  Yay!  And a T.V.!

Okay, so I don't really like burgers, but I was very excited to receive my grilled cheese sandwich.  There was so much cheese!  It was as good as it looked.
Afterwards, we went to a place nearby called The Baked Bear which specializes in ice cream sandwiches.  I got a mini deep-dish cookie with cookies and cream ice cream.  It was really good!

Tasty or what?!  Succulent!
A good start to a great vacation.  :)