Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday vacation: Mickey's Halloween Party

The day after we went to Disneyland, we...went to Disneyland again!  Haha.  This time, we had tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party which is a special Halloween event that starts at three and goes until eleven at night.  That means that those with tickets for Mickey's Halloween cannot enter the park until three, and at six, everyone who does not have a ticket for Mickey's Halloween is kicked out.  You get a special bracelet for the night to show that you are part of the event!

One of the most noteworthy features of this event is that adults get to wear costumes!  Usually, adults are prohibited from wearing costumes in the park (for safety and other reasons).  You can wear outfits like I did when I was Minnie Mouse, but not full-on costumes.  My mom bought these monster outfits, so I wore the green and pink one.

Sorry that's it's so blurry.  D:

We left at about noon to get lunch first and pick up my cousin who would be joining us.  After lunch and some shopping, we waited in line to get into the park.  So many people were in costume!  In our group, I was the only one in costume since everyone else decided that it was too hot to wear them and that they would put them on later when it cooled down.  So, we put the other costumes in a locker.

Yeah...I could definitely see exactly what was going to happen when it cooled down.

To be honest, I was concerned that we would be Disneyed out from the day before.  I mean, we already did everything!  How special was this event going to be anyway?

The event wouldn't actually begin until six, so we had about three hours until it did.  As it came closer to six, more and more people in costumes started appearing.  We ran around and rode some rides, Space Mountain and whatnot.  While we were running around, though, I noticed something very distressing...

My left knee was hurting.  A lot.  D:  I don't know when, why, or how it happened, but sometime during our Disneyland trek the previous day, I must've torn something something.  No idea what, but something in my knee was causing me pain whenever I would run or go down stairs.  It thankfully wasn't so bad that I couldn't walk at all, so it didn't ruin the day for me.  Even now, though, my knee still hurts if I do anything strenuous on it.  I fear that the only option to fix it at this point might be surgery.  I'm still hopeful that it'll heal on its own, but I remember my dad doing something and putting up with it for three years before finally having surgery to fix it.  Argh!

Anyway, at six, the signs started to go up that the Halloween event was beginning.  They no longer allowed anyone without a bracelet to go on the rides.  We were able to walk right onto Pirates of the Caribbean, which was amazing!  It was so much less crowded than it had been the day before, and we still had access to the entire park!  We heard a few people grumbling about being kicked out and wondering why other people got to stay.  That probably sucked.  :b

We ate some gumbo after Pirates and then explored the rest of the park.  In addition to the new decorations, there were also treat trails!  We had been given trick-or-treating bags when we first entered the park, and now we knew why!  We walked along the various paths and received handfuls of candy at each point.  Seriously, we got so much candy just from one trail!  One each trail, there were also characters that you could meet with.  We didn't actually meet any of them, but it was fun to see them!

Oh, and of course, when it finally it cooled down, no one wanted to go all the way back to the locker to get their costumes.  Typical!  So, it was just me who was dressed up.  I actually got quite a few compliments, though.

The Haunted Mansion!  At night.  8)
I like this part in the Haunted Mansion.

Colorful fog!

Mickey Mouse!  I at first couldn't believe that he was here, but I guess it is called Mickey's Halloween Party.  :b  I usually never see him when we go to Disneyland, so this was neat!
We rode Thunder Mountain twice.  At one point, everyone wanted to ride Splash Mountain.  While I love Song of the South, I hate the drop at the end of that ride, so I sat that out.  I just rested my aching knee.  :b

At the end of the night, there was a fireworks show (as there always is in Disneyland, of course).  This show was a special Halloween one, though.  We were told that the view near It's a Small World was best, so we went over and found a spot to sit.  I wasn't really looking forward to the show since fireworks are usually not very interesting to me, but wow, it was actually really cool!  They played all of my favorite Disney Halloween songs, and in addition to the fireworks, there were projected images and videos on the front of It's a Small World.  It was an amazing show.  Really, I was sad when it was over!

We concluded the night by riding Space Mountain one last time.  On our way out of the park, the parade was coming to an end.  My little niece loves Frozen, so we got some footage of the ending float for her!

Some people are worth melting for!
Disney princess personality tests usually tell I am most like Belle, but I think any updated one that include Frozen would probably tell me I am most like Elsa.  I never really related to Belle, but I definitely relate to Elsa.  In fact, she's the first princess I've ever truly related to.  Does that make her my favorite?  No, not even close, but I do like her.  :)

Our haul at the end of the night.  We actually could've gotten a LOT more than this if we had wanted to.  :b 
I was really tired at the end of this night.  Two Disneyland days in a row!  So exhausted.  It was really fun, though.  Honestly, I think it was probably the most fun I have ever had at Disneyland.  I loved being able to dress up (even if I was the only one in my group).  I loved the decorations.  I loved that the ticket was cheaper but still included full access to the park.  I loved seeing everyone else in costume.  I loved the candy.  I loved the fireworks.  I loved that we didn't have to be there early.  In fact, when we go again, I would rather wait to go until it was closer to the actual starting time of the event since it was just hot and crowded when we went at three.

There's no better way to spend Halloween than at DIDNEY WORL, I tell you what!

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