Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday vacation: Pacific Beach and condo rooftop

The day after arriving in San Diego, we decided to go to the beach.  I had a new bikini that I had yet to wear so I put it along with a cover-up.  The bikini is orange and pink which matched my skin tone and hair very well.

Well, in the future for my modeling shots, I'll remember not to cock my hips like this when wearing a tight bottom!  I don't have any Photoshop skillz, so this is completely untouched!

The beach was actually really nice and not that crowded considering we went while school was in session.  The only way to vacation!  Though I won't be able to do that once I start teaching next January.  :/

My niece and my second cousin playing in the sand.
Our spot.  My dad is filming like he always does.
The view of our condo from the beach.
Guyllie!  Hello!
The water felt cold!
So, here we were, at the beach...and no one wanted to get in the water.  Why?  Well, we're all kind of wimps, and the ocean here is pretty much always cold no matter what time of year it is!  It was very hot, but none of us thought taking a dip was worth it.

My dad brought his wetsuit, though, and decided to brave the waters with his body board.  My sister, Saydee, decided to join him, though she was reluctant, especially since she did not have a wetsuit.  After a lot of really annoyingly incessant pleading from me, she finally decided to go in.


They caught some major waveage.
My dad was able to catch a couple waves.  Saydee actually couldn't catch any because her board was broken.  After filming them for some time, I realized that the water actually felt good once you got used to it.  So, when Saydee came back, I decided to go back out with her and try body surfing for myself.  I had never tried it before, and I had a really hard time getting out past the waves!  Plus, like Saydee told me, the board really was broken.

I sort of caught one.  I think.  The final wave was huge and completely submerged me, keeping me pinned under the water for quite some time.  I admit, it was kind of scary, but I was close to the shore, so instead of fighting, I just waited for the wave to pass.  I had to leave, though.  That wave really wore me out, and my sinuses were full of salt water.  I used to do sinus rinses for my allergies and when I had a very large polyp in my nasal cavity, and it really felt like I had just done one.

Once back on the beach, I took some pictures of myself to see how my make-up held up.  I had been wearing waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and they were both still intact!  Very impressed!

The sun was very intense.
Not squinting as much from this angle, but not as good lighting.
My mom put this hat on me.  I'm still squinting, though.  :b
My legs were completely covered in sand that would only come off with a shower.
After about an hour, we all headed back to our rooms to relax and shower before our barbeque later tonight on the rooftop of our condo.

One last picture before I took my bikini off.  I just loved it so much!
I decided to wear something casual but also elegant for our barbecue.

Even after being submerged in the ocean and showering, I didn't need to reapply my eyeliner or mascara.  I just left it alone, believe it or not!

The rooftop wasn't anything impressive, but it was a nice place for us to meet as a family.


My dad starting up the grill.

I tried to get a good shot of the sunset.  My camera obviously isn't good enough for that.  :b
It was a relaxing, fun day.  The next day would be exhausting and thrilling, but the calm before the storm is always appreciated, especially when the storm is about be a very good one indeed!

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