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Tuesday animation: Atlantis: Milo's Return




When will I ever be able to review a good movie...?

Okay, the randomly selected animated film for today is the sequel to Atlantis: The Lost Empire titled Atlantis: Milo's Return.  I had seen this sequel exactly one time before today, and I really didn't like having to re-watch it again since it was hardly worth watching the first time.  I just couldn't remember enough of it to write an adequate review otherwise.  :/

Listen, I love Disney sequels for the most part.  I've defended them many times.  This one, though, really can't be defended.

Of course, one must remember that this is not so much a movie as it is a collection of three episodes.  It's obvious that this was some sort of test run for a T.V. series.  So, for that reason, I know I can't be too harsh, so I'm going to try to be more lenient since it's not really fair to judge this as an actual movie when it's really not.  Still, Disney did release it as a movie, and each story transitions into the next as if it's a movie.  If they had released it as three separate episodes, that would've been better received, but because they are all pushed together as if they are one film, that brings it down a lot.

Okay, well...here we go.

Overview: Atlantis: Milo's Return is the sequel to Atlantis: The Lost Empire released by Disney in 2003.  Originally meant to be the beginning of a T.V. series, the movie has been largely ignored and remains mostly unknown except to diehard Disney fans.

Art: Pretty fluid, but otherwise pretty dull.  The design is the same as the design from the first movie which I actually really like.  I love the straight lines and angular look.  Very stylistic, very unique.  The quality is that of a T.V. show, and for a T.V. show, it's good, but for a movie, it's just really dull.  The colors are dull.  It looks very flat.  It actually has the same dark look of the original movie, just a lot less interesting and not nearly as high quality.  I do like the way light is used.  It's very stark and makes everything look even more angular.  I also really like how the use of CGI is almost none.  It's always nice to see purely hand-drawn animation.  That's getting rarer and rarer today.  Of course, if Disney had spent more money on this film, there surely would've been more CGI.

Sound: Good quality sound as expected for a modern film.  Many of the voice actors return for this film except Michael J. Fox as the voice of Milo.  The replacement, James Arnold Taylor, was obviously trying his best to sound like Fox, but I noticed right away that it was a different actor.  I adjusted to him eventually, and it's obvious that Taylor has talent.  Just looking him up, he's done a lot of voice work that I'm familiar with.  Cree Summer returns as Kida, and she does a wonderful job as she always does.  Cree is one of my favorite voice actors.  Her voice is just so unique and lovely.  In the beginning, she seemed to struggle with getting back in the role, but soon enough, she got the hang of it.  The other voice talent that stood out to me was Florence Stanley as Mrs. Packard.  She had only a few lines, but she was hilarious and had great delivery.  The music was nothing special.  I honestly don't even remember it.  It very well might've been a rehash of the original movie's soundtrack (that's quite common practice).  I don't recall the original movie having a stellar soundtrack, though.

Story: There are three stories in one, each about facing some unusual supernatural entity.  It all ends with Kida (who is no longer a princess but the Queen of Atlantis) deciding to no longer keep Atlantis hidden and bringing it up to the surface.  The protagonists from the original movie return with the same personalities and quirks.  Again, this was obviously meant to be the start of a series.  I don't know what it would've been about.  I don't know how the world would react to the city of Atlantis suddenly being discovered.  The stories are action-packed, and I even found myself chuckling at a couple of jokes, but for a movie, there was just too much going on.  It seemed really jumbled.  I really wish it had just been split into episodes rather than combined into one movie.  It's hard to sit and watch the whole thing because once one story's over, you don't really feel like starting a new one.  I found that I had to pause in between each story to get a break.

Personal appeal: I'm actually one of the few people who loves the original movie, but as I said before, I just can't defend this movie, not as a movie, anyway.  It's not eye-catching, it's not memorable, and there is too much going on, and what is going on is not very interesting.  I was bored watching it the first time, and I was bored again as I forced myself to watch it to write this review.  Now that it's done, I hope that I'll never have to watch it again.  There's just no reason to.  It's a pointless movie with nothing to offer, not even to diehard fans of the original movie.  This really was made just to make money, and it really shows.

These expressions pretty much sum up my feelings about this movie.  D:  0:  u.u
Overall, I give this movie one peridot.  The only thing really redeeming it is the great voice talent.  I could not possibly recommend this movie to anyone, and I never will.  I guess I'm glad I saw it as an animation fan, but I really hope that this was the last time.

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