Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday whatever: Our TARDIS door

I had a photoshoot today that pretty much lasted all day.  I mean, not really, but when you factor in the time it took me to get ready and drive downtown, yeah, it was pretty much all day.  I was so busy and exhausted that I forgot to think of something to write today.

The photoshoot was fun, by the way.  I'll write it about next Friday when I have the photos.  It was my first advertising shoot!  Anxious in the beginning, but I loosened up a lot and was able to really get some good posing practice in.  I was trying to show off these rings, so I had to come up with a lot of new things to do with my hands!  :b

Anyway, I've decided to share a picture of the TARDIS door my dad made.  I'm not too much of a Doctor Who fan.  It's kind of a strange show, and now that Matt Smith is gone, I'm not liking it as much.  I've been watching it with my family the past couple months, which has been fun.  Anyway, my dad got this idea to turn one of our doors into a TARDIS (the Doctor's time machine from the show that looks like a London police box).  He actually did a fantastic job.  It looks amazing, especially in person.  It even lights up!  I saw it for the first time last year when I came home for Thanksgiving, and I was pretty astounded to see that the door down the hallway had been completely transformed.

Please excuse the crudity of this model.  It's not to scale.  :b  Actually, please excuse the crudity of this picture.
It's on a timer so that the light only comes on at night.  I don't remember when it comes on exactly, but I know that it shuts off at two in the morning.  I'm actually staying in the room behind this TARDIS door, and yes, I can tell you that it is bigger on the inside!

Jeez...I still can't believe my dad did this.  D:

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