Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday modeling: Brandan Lee

Still very new to modeling!  This experience was fun and certainly educational.  The photographer I was going to work with, Brandan Lee, suggested going to a jewelry store and posing with some peridot jewelry, so I chose to wear a color that I thought would complement the light green color of peridot pretty well.  I brought along a blue shirt as well in case he didn't like the magenta shirt.  :b

I met him at a jewelry store called Silver Sea Jewelry in downtown Tucson.  As I've mentioned before, I live north of Tucson and don't go into the heart of Tucson very often, so I had never heard of this place.  As usual, there was nowhere to park nearby the jewelry store, but thankfully, I had arrived early just for that reason.  I had plenty of time to find somewhere to park.  I wasn't entirely sure if it was legal (there's no way to really be sure when you're downtown anywhere!), but I didn't see any signs suggesting it wasn't, so I finally made my way to the jewelry store.

I actually found it pretty quickly, but I wasn't ready to go in yet, so I walked past and tried to compose myself further.  I was really nervous!  I finally turned out around but to my embarrassment saw that Brandan had spotted me walking past and was now holding the door open for me.  I pretended that I just hadn't seen the store and sheepishly followed him inside.

After talking a bit, we drove around and found some locations to shoot, mostly just to get me comfortable.  I was so nervous, my goodness.  I had once again forgotten to take something for my anxiety, so I was through the roof!  But I tried my best to hold it together.  We actually got some good shots!

We then headed back to the jewelry store and took some jewelry for me pose with.  Those also turned out nice.  I changed into my blue shirt to model one of the blue pieces of jewelry.  I guess it was a good thing I brought it after all!

I was very happy with the results, and best of all, it raised my confidence, which is the main reason I love modeling.  :)

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