Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday writing: NaNoWriMo status

I haven't been posting blogs on the weekend, and that's because of stupid NaNoWriMo!  I'm thrilled by the end of the month since I'm always fifty thousand words closer to finishing a novel, but during the month, it's nothing but irritating!  I hate checking my word count and seeing that I've only written a hundred words since the last time I checked.  It's a more formidable goal than people might give it credit for.

I would post an excerpt here except that I know that no one would actually care to read it, haha.  I'm not at all delusional about my writing!  I know that until I become published, no one is going to care to read anything I read.  So, I'll just need to work harder!

This novel isn't my favorite idea, but it is my most marketable.  It's a little difficult to write because it is so unlike many of my other novel ideas, much more light and fun.  In many of my stories, I put my character(s) through something very traumatic, something that really drives their internal conflicts and the choices they make.  Those are the stories I really care about a lot, the character-driven ones.  This one is character-driven, but the stakes aren't very high.  It's the kind of book you would probably only read once.  This book won't make me famous, but it has the best chance of getting me published.  A debut novel needs to be relatively short and marketable to a large audience.  That's what this will be.

So, I'll just continue dying this month until I can cough up fifty thousand words.  I won't be able to finish it this month, but I'll get pretty close, I think.

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