Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday shopping: Jasmine display at Walgreens

I went to Walgreens today and was very, very surprised to see a Princess Jasmine display.  Not just a Disney princess display, but an actual display dedicated to Jasmine and only Jasmine.

Why is that strange?  Well, first of all, there isn't a new release of Aladdin out at the moment, so that means they really are just using Jasmine for her own sake, not to advertise the movie in any way.  Second, ever since the Aladdin Platinum Edition didn't sell too well and especially after Tiana was introduced, Jasmine has kind of taken a backseat to the other princesses.  Disney used to use her for racial diversity since she was the darkest-skinned princess for awhile.  When Tiana came out, they started to replace Jasmine with an even darker-skinned princess.  Plus, Jasmine is Middle Eastern, and our country currently does not view the Middle East favorably right now.

I know that Walgreens has had other Disney princess make-up displays like this, but I just really didn't expect Jasmine to be featured, not with how much the other princesses have been overshadowing her (Anna and Elsa certainly didn't help!).

I was extremely happy to see this display whatever the reason for it existing.  Jasmine is and always has been my favorite princess even though we have absolutely nothing in common.  She's dark, black-haired, and brown-eyed.  I'm pale, blonde, and blue-eyed.  She's bold, adventurous, and stands up for herself.  I'm shy, kind of timid, and have a hard time saying no to people.  :b  Well, I suppose we have one thing in common: we're both in love with Aladdin!

Anyway, I thought the display was really beautiful.  I did not buy anything, but I was really happy to see it!  The taglines I saw were "Chase your adventure" and "A whole new world of beauty," which are both of course very fitting for Jasmine.  :b  I am currently unable to purchase anything fun like this, but as I do have a sizable Aladdin collection, I really wish I could've bought something.  :(  Everyone, buy some so that Disney will feel compelled to release Aladdin as a Diamond Edition!

They created a logo all for her!  :D

Yay, they didn't use recycled stock art!  I'm so tired of seeing her holding that stupid bird.  :b

I would prefer merchandise of Aladdin over Jasmine, so if I was going to buy anything, it would be this!  I think they could've chosen a better still from this scene, though.  :/

Geez, there's even a side banner!

I'm too old for any of this.  Wah!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I have to get my butt over to Walgreens! I love Jasmine!