Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday writing: My first poem

I love writing, but I admit that poetry has never been a strength of mine.  In fact, I suck at it.  X(  That said, I still remember the very first poem I ever wrote.  I was in first grade, and I had been learning how to write all year as most first graders do.  We wrote all sorts of things that year.  I still have all of the little books I wrote!  But there was a poem I wrote that I was especially proud of.  I was so proud of it that my mom even sent it off to get published in a big poetry book.  I was so pleased.  :b

Today, I recognize that even for a first grader, it wasn't that good, so you can see why I never became a great poet later.  It just wasn't my thing!  But it's cute, I think.  Actually, the last line is pretty good, beyond what I would normally expect to see in a first grade poem.  Maybe I was better than I thought.  xD

I'm sharing it with you now.  What do you think?

The Rainbow

The rain comes tumbling down.
It makes puddles all around.
The sun comes out.
It shines all about.
A rainbow appears in the sky.
We ask ourselves, "Why?"

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