Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednedsay whatever: My drawings!!!!!1!!!1

I am the opposite of an artist (read: I suck).  I would love to be able to draw.  Instead, I just have to admire the work of others and be insanely jealous.  T.T

That said, I do enjoy drawing.  I just make do with the skills I have.  I never try to draw anything grand because it never turns out good.  I can draw silly little characters provided that they don't have fingers, necks, or noses and aren't in very complicated positions.  There is one character I tend to draw most often, and that is my little horned girl, Lacole.  She has a back story that maybe I'll share someday.  Actually, she has a comic that I've drawn for her, but I don't know if I'll post it.  o.O

Lacole is a character I created about nine years ago.  She is nine-years-old and has brown hair, freckles, always wear a purple dress with black Mary Janes, but her most defining feature is her horns on the top of her head.  Why does she have horns?  I just had this idea to create a little girl who was born with horns for some unknown reason.  I have never come up with a reason for why she has them.

Isn't she adorable?!  Yes, these are some of my silly drawings.  I have tons more.  Squiggly eyes, short limbs, large head, no nose.  She's not a cheerleader, so I don't know why I drew her with pom-poms.  The cheerleading pose is probably among the most complicated poses I've drawn.  I usually keep it pretty simple.  :)

This is why I stick with writing, though.  Writing is something I know I can do.  It would be my dream to collaborate with an artist one day on a comic book, but for now, I'll just stick with using my words and drawing my silly little characters.

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