Saturday, January 17, 2015

Banana splendor

I spent most of today working and cleaning.  Getting a new house set up is tiring!  And when I say new, I mean brand-new!  They only just painted the back door today.  :b  I think they'll be painting the front door sometime this week, which should be the last thing so that the house officially won't be under construction anymore.  Yay!

I've been in this house for awhile, but I still had not any any cooking or baking in the kitchen.  I had used a small toaster oven for cooking some chicken skewers, and I of course used the microwave, but the oven had been untouched...until today!  My mom bought me some bananas when I first moved in, and although I tried to eat them all before they went bad, there were just too many.  D:  So, I decided to make banana bread with the remaining bananas!  Yay!  A good reason to use my oven for the first time!

I first had to find a recipe for banana bread.  I wanted one that used brown sugar and picked the first one I could find.

The ingredients!  Yes, that is lactose-free milk.  I'm somewhat lactose-intolerant, and I find that lactose-free milk actually passes as normal milk when used in recipes.  It also makes good chocolate milk!  I haven't tried it on its own, but I don't really like regular milk on its own, so I don't know if I ever will.

Banana bread calls for "very ripe" bananas.  These look very ripe to me!  I probably could've waited even longer, but they were making the pantry smell like bananas.  :/

I had to mash the bananas in a bag.  It was easy, thankfully.

Er, I still need to buy an electric mixer.  You don't really realize what you need in a new house until you, well, need it!  I couldn't get it as smooth as was probably necessary, but I did my best with just a spoon.

I also need to buy more measuring spoons!  I have two, not sure why only two.  I need a full set.

...and I need more baking pans!  Specifically, a loaf pan.  This cake pan had to do.  :b

My brand-new never-been-used oven!  :D  It still looks more or less like this as the banana bread wasn't messy, but now I can't say it's never been used.

The finished product!
It would've been better in a loaf pan, but in the end, the taste is more important than the look, right?  And it did taste good!  I can't say it's best I've ever had, though.  Maybe it was the lactose-free milk or the primitive mixing abilities.  Or maybe the cake pan!  It's still quite tasty, though.  It'll be a good breakfast for a few days!

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