Monday, January 5, 2015

No Internet!

I spent this entire week moving into my new house, and I am sorry to say that Internet is still not set up!  When I say new, I mean brand-new.  I am the first person to ever live in the house, and it is still technically under construction.  With the help of my parents (<3), I've been getting it setting up to be liveable.

But without Internet or cable...oy, it's hard!  I was told it could be a month before my house is Internet and cable ready.  I have a router and account, just no access to anything.  :(

Which means that I haven't been able to blog.  I have my phone, but it's difficult, and I don't want to go to Internet cafes just to post blogs.  So, hopefully, I'll get it all set up soon so that I can start blogging again!  I'm in a new house in a familiar town.  Should make for some good blogging!

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