Friday, February 27, 2015 a BOSS

Okay, not really like a boss, but actually, the defense went great.  The questions weren't too difficult, and even better, it was actually cut short (only about fifty minutes) because there was supposedly a class that was sure their class was in the conference room we were in at the time of my defense.  They must've been wrong (we scheduled the room quite specifically), but my committee decided that we were done, so we ended it, yay!

Also, thankfully, only two of my colleagues showed.  Their support was wonderful, and at the same time, I didn't feel too pressured or overwhelmed.  Most of my colleagues expressed their sympathies that they could not come, so I know it wasn't because they didn't care.  I had one colleague who came about half an hour after it ended hoping she could catch the end, so again, I know they care.  >^___^<

I had been taken clonazepam a few days before the defense including the night before and the morning of, so...I actually felt pretty normal.  I felt normal and cheerful pretty much the whole time, which is very unusual for me but certainly attests to the strength of anti-anxiety medication.  Another reason I know it worked is because after the defense, I felt EXACTLY the same.  I didn't feel relieved or glad that it was over.  I just felt like, "huh, okay.  I guess that's it."

I'll talk more about the defense later (with COMICS YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *arm flail*), but for now, enjoy these pictures that my colleague took for me.

Yup, I wore my hot pink button-up shirt!  Figured it was as good a time as any to finally wear it.

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