Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy February!

Yay, it's February!  There's something that I really like about February.  As a linguist, I love the phonetic sound of it.  As a holiday observer, I love Valentine's Day and even Groundhog Day.  And as a violet-enthusiast, I love the birthstone associated with the month, the amethyst.

(If you're wondering, no, I don't like the weather.  Winter is my least favorite season.)

I have finally changed the layout because the yellow and orange topaz layout was a little hard on the eyes, and to be honest, the topaz is probably my least favorite gemstone.  I actually had every intention of making a garnet layout, but with my new job and the new stress that came with it, I never got around to it.  To be honest, even now, I really don't have time!  But I miss blogging.  I won't be able to blog everyday as I would like to do, but I do have things to say, for sure!

So, Happy February, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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