Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Fandom: Sailormercury merchandise

My favorite sailor soldier has always been Sailormercury.  Not only did she have the prettiest transformation, but she was the most like me.  Now, normally my favorite characters are not the ones that are most like me.  In fact, I usually stay away from those characters since I'm not a huge fan of myself (:b SO EMO omg), but Mercury/Ami really spoke to me.  She was not the strongest or boldest or even the prettiest, but she was still a valued member of the Sailor team.  She makes me smile.  :)

Even though I lived in Japan for several years, I was only able to purchase a few Mercury-related items.  I wish I had gotten more!  But honestly, while I was living in Japan, Sailormoon merchandise was reduced to mostly Gashapon figures and books.  I of course bought what I could, but there wasn't any fantastic Sailormoon merchandise.

Searching online, there are some things I would love to buy:

I have no idea where or when I could possibly wear this, BUT I WANT IT.

This is beautiful!  MERCURY STAR POWER, MAKE-UP!

Sailormercury lingerie?!  I NEED IT.

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