Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday modeling: Jeff / jpsteel

I hadn't had a photoshoot since December.  I was far too busy with moving and starting my new job.  At last, I decided I was ready to do some modeling, and to my happy surprise, I was contacted almost immediately for a shoot in my new town of residence.

When the day finally arrived, I was, of course, extremely nervous.  The photographer asked that I bring leather leggings, ankle boots, and a few different fitted T-shirts and tank tops.  The shirts and boots were no problem.  I had trouble finding leather leggings, though.  I ended up going to a store that was a little below my intended age range.  I know I look young, but actually, I'm in mid-twenties, so stores like H&M and Forever 21 are not usually ones I frequent.  :b

I was early as always because I wasn't actually sure where I was going.  We were meeting at a library, and I didn't know how parking would be.  I was really made up with my long blonde curls, make-up, and leather leggings.  Compared to the other people waiting for the library to open, including homeless people, I absolutely stood out.  A lot of people noticed me, some definitely stared at me.  The introvert in me did not like that!  I love having my pictures complimented, but in real life, it is very awkward to receive so much attention.  I avoided all eye contact, hoping no one would decide to come talk to me.  I waited inside for about twenty minutes until Jeff, the photographer, finally texted me and told me his location and what he was wearing.  He was a nice guy and had all the equipment.  He got a photographer's pass from the library (I guess he shoots there pretty frequently), and then we went to our location for shooting.

Almost immediately, I realized I had misinterpreted his instructions of what to bring.  As a linguist, I usually love ambiguity, but this misunderstanding really embarrassed me!  When he said different fitted shirts, I thought he meant shirts with different fits, as in some loose and some tight.  What he actually meant was that he wanted ALL of the shirts to be fitted and to bring different kinds of fitted shirts.  Whoops!  He also apparently wanted me to bring a white shirt, but he definitely didn't mention that in the description, so I did not bring one.  I don't usually wear white shirts because they are so easily stained, especially by sweat.  I usually reserve my shirts for times when I know I won't be sweating or eating in order to make them last as long as possible.

Well, anyway, I had a couple shirts that he could work with, so on we went with the shoot!  The shoot was fun, and Jeff was certainly a great director.  I only wish that he could've allowed me to pose on my own a little more.  The direction was nice because it helped me know what he wanted, but I felt limited in my posing because I was constantly being told what to do down to the last detail.  I couldn't just let loose and see what interesting poses resulted from me just going with the flow.  I was also concentrating so much on making sure that my poses were exactly what he wanted that I kept forgetting to think about my facial expression.  So, it wasn't as much of a posing learning experience as I would've liked, but it was still a good experience overall, and actually, the pictures turned out great.  There were a ton, and I really liked all of them.

The blue denim shirt was actually one he brought for me to wear, which surprised me since it certainly wasn't fitted!  Also, the leather shorts were his, not mine.  Er, I wasn't expecting to wear shorts, so I didn't shave my legs beforehand.  Haha, at least my body hair is very light!

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