Friday, February 20, 2015

Sonoran Dog splendor

Tonight at our school, we had a culture food night.  Basically, we asked the students to bring food that represented their home countries.  Being on the activities committee, I figured I should bring something myself, but being American, I wasn't really sure what I could bring that would be interesting.  My hometown, Tucson, has only one "traditional" dish that I can think of: the Sonoran Dog.  It sounded above my skills level as a cook, but eh, I figured why not?  If you just follow the recipe, it should turn out okay, even if it's not perfect.

I found this recipe online:  I bought pre-made Salsa Verde instead of making my own since I didn't want to spend the extra time or money on that.  I also did not add any hot sauce.  I figured keeping it mild was best since not everyone can handle spiciness (myself included, haha).

The recipe was deceptively simple.  It took me much longer than I thought.  Thankfully, though, it still only took an house, which isn't too bad.

I brought out my griddle just for this.  I wrapped each beef hot dog (I couldn't find any big thick ones in my grocery store, myeh) with bacon.  That's the best part of this recipe!

After toasting each bun, I spread refried beans in each of them.  Can I just say how much I love refried beans?  I really love them.

Chopping up the avocado was harder than I thought.  :O  And they really stuck to my fingers.  I was constantly washing my hands, which I guess wasn't a bad things considering how much I needed to use my hands.

Spread the avocado in each bun.  To be honest, I was thinking that this was too much!  I was worried that people would complain that there was too much avocado, haha.  I also added cheese after this step.

After cooking each bacon-wrapped dog (and setting off the smoke detector which frightened my poor cat), I put each one in a bun.

The final presentation!  I ended up not being able to add the Salsa Verde or the mayonnaise topping.  Oh well!  They tasted great without them.  My dogs were among the first foods to disappear.  People seemed to like them!

More people came to the culture night event than I thought would.  It seemed as if people weren't excited about the idea, especially since it required work on their part.  I don't blame them considering that I would not have cooked anything myself if it weren't for the fact that I was one of the people in charge.  It was actually a very good turn-out, over a hundred people at least and plenty of bite-sized pieces of food.

But now I need to slim down for my photoshoot on Sunday.  :b  I've been eating too much!  But it's been worth it.

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