Thursday, March 5, 2015

Battle graphics - part one

I am in no way a "brony," but I do like the art style of the new version of My Little Pony.  In particular, I love the style of the Equestria Girls movies.

I started making a series of graphics to represent one of the songs in the movie titled Rainbow Rocks, "Battle."  The first one is here:

I used to love My Little Pony when I was little.  I had a bunch of pony dolls and enjoyed the show.  The new version, Friendship is Magic, is definitely different from the version I grew up with, but I remember when I first saw it on T.V., I knew it was going to become very popular, and not just with little girls.  I think the art style has a lot to do with it.  The characters, humor, and plot points as well, but I think that if the art had been like its previous incarnations, the show would not have gained the large adult following that it has today even if the other elements remained the same.  If the art was the same but the other elements were more like the original, I think there still would've been a sizable adult following.

I of course don't know this for sure, but I can attest that the art is the only reason why I decided to watch the Equestria Girls movies.  The music was another thing that attracted me, but the art kept me intrigued.  It's crisp, colorful, fluent, and pretty.  Also, matching lip movements!  I love when lip movements match the words.

Otherwise, I find the characters, humor, and stories to be kind of annoying and not that interesting.  I wish I enjoyed it more since the art really is nice, but I just can't say anything else for the show.  :/  Sorry, bronies (including my little sister)!  But you can has these graphics I made.  :3

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