Saturday, March 7, 2015

Battle graphics - part two

Continuing the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks music scene "Battle" from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.

I actually tried watching the series yesterday since it happened to be on while I was watching T.V. (the regular series, not EG), but I once again just couldn't get into it.  It definitely feels too much like a show for children.  I of course often enjoy shows meant for children (as you can see just by visiting my Fanlistings or Anime Fanlistings pages), but typically only if they offer something for adults as well (or if it's nostalgic).  I have yet to find anything about MLP that appeals to me on an adult level besides the art and the music.  :/  And I really, really wish I could find something.  A part of me really wants to like the show, the animation-loving part, I guess, but ah...I just can't find it.

But the show does make for some great animated graphics!  The GIF conversion looks awesome.

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