Friday, March 20, 2015


Well...just when I thought that there couldn't POSSIBLY be ANY OTHER obstacles that my university could throw at me, I find out once again that I am wrong.

On my thesis, I wanted only my first and last name.  I like my full name, but professionally, I want to only use my first and last.  However, even though I had NEVER given my university my middle name since the beginning of my graduate studies, they somehow got it anyway, and not only did they get it, but instead of putting my full name, they simply added my middle initial.  I would NEVER give just my initial, and I certainly don't want it to be part of my name.  I would prefer my full middle name over my initial.  It looks hideous with just the initial!  Somehow, the system says I added the middle initial in 2008, which makes no sense since attending this university wasn't even a thought in 2008.  That was only my second year of my undergrad studies!

So, anyway, they were so adamant about the name on my thesis matching the name in the system that I was forced to change it.  I managed to negotiate adding my full middle name rather than just my initial, thank goodness, but I was still very upset.  I still am upset.  Plus, I didn't get to ring the bell or even get my large chocolate bar for officially graduating since technically I couldn't graduate until I had fixed my name, and there's no way I'm going back to the grad office just for chocolate and to ring a stupid bell.  Seriously, I'm just done with this whole MA thing.  It has been a huge pain.

Seriously, my university is like Gary Oak.  Stop trolling me already!  Just give me my degree.

Just when I finally think I'm about to "open the door" to the next stage after graduation, my university does THIS.
I would loooooooove to, but you won't let me.

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