Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Even MORE graduation obstacles

Trying to graduate this semester has been one nightmare after another.  Just when I think I'm really actually almost done for real this time no seriously I mean it, something else comes up.

My ETD submission was rejected for the SECOND time today for some nitpicky reasons that weren't even mentioned in the guidelines.  Nowhere does it say that nothing else can be in the headers besides the page numbers.  Nowhere does it say that the bookmarks have to lead to an exact spot on each page in the PDF.  I swear, if not getting the ETD submission exactly perfect before Friday is the reason I end up not graduating, I will be PISSED.  OFF.  Seriously, STOP TAKING MY MONEY ALREADY.  I JUST WANT MY PIECE OF PAPER.  THE THESIS IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT THING TO ME, SO I REALLY DON'T CARE IF THE FORMATTING IS PERFECT OR NOT.


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