Sunday, March 29, 2015

Forget About Love graphics - part one

Like my Battle graphics, I wanted to create more graphics from other animated scenes because, well, they're fun!  And it's really fun to see them all together.  I chose to graphic...ify the best musical scene from the Disney's Aladdin sequel, The Return of Jafar.  I know, I know, it's not a good movie.  Even a diehard Aladdin fan like me can admit that.  However, I do really like this one song in the movie called "Forget About Love."  I'm not the only one either.  I remember (I think it's called DVDizzy or something now, I don't know) having a poll for the top 125 Disney songs (I think it was 125, anyway) in which I took part, and this song actually made it onto that list.  That's how good it is!  :)

Basically, Jasmine is pissed at Aladdin for lying to her yet again, and Iago uses reverse psychology to get her to forgive him.  It's an enjoyable, humorous scene.  The only problem I have with it is that the art is TERRIBLE.  Jasmine is so off-model that it's painful.  I am still baffled that the animators here could take someone as gorgeous as Jasmine and make her look almost ugly, and in some scenes, she really is just ugly.  Thankfully, they got much better throughout the course of the television series.  Aladdin is pretty off-model as well, but not nearly as much as Jasmine.

I'm beginning with the dialogue leading into the song.  :3

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