Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HAUSU - part one

(Blog post title is a reference to one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen called House.  Not surprisingly, it's a Japanese film.)

I've been in my house for about three months now, and I couldn't be happier with it.  It's completely brand new.  In fact, it's still technically under construction since they haven't finished painting the front door.  :b  I bought it back when only the foundation was set, so I was able to customize it to my liking.  I love the way it turned out, especially since it works perfectly with my accent color, purple!

There's a TESOL convention up in Canada this week, so we were given today, tomorrow, and Friday off so that we could go if we wanted to.  My response to that was no way, I ain't going to Canada!  I'd rather save money, don't really enjoy those boring conventions, and I have negative feelings about Canada due to this rather traumatic event that involved it somewhat.  x(  But I was more than happy to take the days off!  And what did I do on first day off?!

Yup, I cleaned the downstairs area of my house.  Spring cleaning, I guess, plus my parents are coming this weekend.  To be honest, it wasn't really dirty at all.  I'm not actually down there too often, and my tenants do a good job of keeping it clean.  The worst part was the floor, which took forever to sweep, vacuum, and mop.  Everything was decently clean already.  In fact, it didn't really look that different once I finished.  :b

One thing I also did was change the air filter.  The way they positioned to ladder to get under the house is pretty precarious.  I had to concentrate very hard to make sure I didn't fall.  D:

Anyway, after the house was all nice and clean, I took some pictures!  I really am pleased with how it turned out.  My mom did most of the decorating, to be honest.  I trusted her judgment with where to put everything, and she did a great job!

I chose the cabinets, the granite, the flooring, and the appliances.  The granite certainly looks nice, but I hate cleaning it!  I always seem to leave streaks no matter what I do, like when I clean glass.

The electric piano here came from Japan.  It has to be plugged into this huge converter in order to work.  It actually sounds really good, and it never needs to be tuned.  People who play it are impressed with how much it sounds like a real piano.

This was my parents' table when I was a kid.  Right before moving here, my mom stained it a darker color and let me have it!  It also has some leaves so that it can be extended.  The chairs are new.  We actually sold the chairs that we used to use with this table.

My mom gave me all of these flowers and vases.  :3  Actually, she gave me pretty much all of the furniture that's in my house.

We bought this neat world clock at a consignment show here in town.  They all work fine except for the London clock.  The hour hand on that one appears to be bent beyond repair.  This is oddly appropriate for my life...

Okay, so The Lorax was playing most of the time when I was cleaning, which was fun, and then it said that Rise of the Guardians was next, and I was like, " better not be lying to me."  RotG is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I had only seen it once until today.  So, you can see the Sandman from the movie on the T.V., haha.

Candy dish!  Back home, my mom always had a bowl or jar that was full of candy, usually chocolate.  I wanted to do the same because it's always nice to grab a chocolate or a handful of M&M's on the way out or after dinner.

My popcorn maker!  I made some popcorn to snack on while I cleaned.

Oh, my gosh, the main reason I like Rise of the Guardians is right on the screen here.  Jack Frost, making winter look SEXAY.

I mostly got this for my piano books, which take up the entire bottom shelf.  I really want to buy more movies and video games to fill it up, though.  :/  Also, that's a kaleidoscope from Japan on the second shelf.  My mom was really into kaleidoscopes when we were there.

I had granite put in the bathrooms, too!

After cleaning, I sat down to enjoy the rest of the movie.  Admittedly, I actually waited for Jack Frost to appear on screen for this picture.  I'm such a fangirl.  :b  Because really, this movie isn't that great...if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't care for it.  But damn it, he is SO.  HOT.
So, yup, that's the living room and kitchen of my house.  Loving it!  When the landscaping outside is done, I'll take pictures of that.  I can't wait to see HOA does with that!  As for my courtyard, my parents will be helping me with that this weekend since I have no idea what to plant there.  :/

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