Friday, March 6, 2015

Just Let Go (2015) first official teaser trailer

Over half a year ago, I participated as an extra in a movie starring Henry Ian Cusick, best known for playing Desmond Hume in the popular T.V. series Lost.  It was a very interesting experience.  I had never been part of a real movie before.  The movie, Just Let Go, tells the true story of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) bishop who lost almost his entire family in an accident caused by a drunk driver and his journey to finally forgiving the drunk driver.  Originally, the film was titled Let It Go because that is the name of the book the LDS bishop wrote, but to avoid confusion with the popular song from Disney's Frozen, Propel Pictures decided to change the title, which of course was a good move.

The scenes I was in were church scenes.  In one of the scenes, I sat behind another well-known actor, Brenda Vaccaro.  That was neat, though I sure I probably won't be seen to much in that scene, maybe just my hair.  The other scene, we were told to choose whatever seats we wanted.  I chose a seat that just happened to be behind the pew where the family of Cusick's character's family used to sit.  I know that there will be focus on that empty pew, so I'll probably be in that scene at least a little.  :b  Maybe a glance, haha.  We'll see.  Maybe they decided to reshoot the entirety of those church scenes.

I did not get to speak to Ian or Brenda since they didn't seem to want to be bothered, but I enjoyed watching both of their performances, especially Ian's.  He is a wonderful actor.  I was used to seeing his more disheveled appearance in Lost, so it was interesting to see him looking all clean-cut and, well, Mormon.  xD

The first teaser trailer was just released a few days ago.  I do not know how the wide release of this film will be, but October ninth of this year is the official release date.  Check out the teaser!  I will post more as more promotional information is released.

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