Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Learning English

Being an ESL teacher has been pretty stressful for me lately, not gonna lie.  It can be difficult when your students simply don't understand you.  Also, I am teaching an academic writing class, so really, I'm teaching them how to write an essay and how to do research.  I ultimately don't really feel like I'm actually teaching them any English.  :/  Have you ever tried to teach the APA rules to someone who has only an intermediate understanding of the English language?  Yeah, it's difficult, and despite my best efforts, they are still a long way from fully grasping the concept of research and proper APA citation.  Especially since I am also trying to complete my own academic paper (i.e. my MA thesis), this class has been exhausting!

But to relieve some stress, I found some fun memes or images related to learning English or English in general.  Maybe I should've looked for some about teaching English, though.  Next time?

HAHAHAHAHAHA.  XD  My students recently learned what a schwa is in one of their other classes, probably their listening class.  It always surprises me when they use technical linguistic terms to describe things.  Good for them!

Okay, truthfully, I have no idea what this means or why someone would make this, but I saw it and felt the need to include it.  It makes no sense to me, though.  Am I missing something?  Someone please explain this to me if I am...

Anytime grammar Nazis or language purists complain about new words being added every year, I remind them of Shakespeare.

Preeeeeeeeeeeetty much.

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