Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday fandom: Etsy things that I need

I'm not really an Etsy person, and by that, I mean I don't browse it very often, but I do have to admit that there are some pretty awesome things there, things I wish I could have.

Most notably, Etsy offers things for my fandoms that aren't available commercially.  How high quality are these items?  Well, you probably get what you pay for, but they still look really cool!

Danny Phantom necklace
One of my top fandoms is Danny Phantom, but unfortunately, there is very little Danny Phantom merchandise in existence.  I would LOVE to have this simple necklace.
OH MY GOSH.  I don't wear bows, but this Prince Ali bow is freakin' ADORABLE.
This Aladdin bow is also adorable.  It even includes the hobo patch!  *dies*
Pokemon Unown Magnets, All 28 Designs Available
These are Unown magnets.  These would be the most awesome things I could possibly put on my fridge.

Choose Your Own Pokemon Pokeball Charm
This would make the best charm bracelet ever.

Pokeball Pokemon Cookie Cutter - Made from Biodegradable Material
This would make the most delicious cookies ever.

Sailor Mercury Transformation Pen Necklace
O.O  I want this so bad.

Cardcaptor Sakura charm black velvet choker

Sure would be nice if I was an artist so I could just make my own cute little collectibles.  :b

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