Friday, March 13, 2015

One thousand hits!

(Why do I often spell out numbers, you ask?!  I don't know, I just like the way spelled out numbers look.  :b)

This blog received its one thousandth hit today!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *arm flail*  This site has been live since September 14th, so that means it's been about half a year!  Although to be honest, I didn't really start giving my URL out until the middle of October, so really, it's been more like five months.  I'm still happy, though!  That's probably the most traffic I've ever gotten for any site I've ever made.

I am NOT going by the hit counter that Blogger provides.  That counter is way off (it says I have three thousand hits which can't possibly be true [bots?]).  Instead, I use StatCounter, which is a very accurate counter that lets you see exactly who is visiting your blog and how they are finding your blog.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the details of the traffic their website is drawing.

Also, I blocked all bots (and myself, of course) from being counted in my StatCounter setup,  so all hits are from actual people.

Fun stats about my blog:

I have eight followers, which admittedly is pitiful.  However, I do not know any of my followers personally nor did I ask them to follow me.  They found my blog on their own and chose to follow of their own accord, so I guess that's something!

This is my 124th post.

The most unique hits I ever received in one day was 75.  :O

This past week, I averaged nine hits per day.

Most of my visitors are from the U.S. (about 40% of my traffic in the past two months) and the UK (about 20% of my traffic in the past two months).

In the past two months, 21% of my traffic came from referring sites and 25% from search engines.  The other 54% are supposedly direct traffic (i.e. they typed the address directly into their address bar).  I don't think that's entirely accurate, though.  I think that maybe they somehow tricked StatCounter into thinking they were direct when they were actually referred by something else.  Not positive, though.

My most popular pages are:

             Disney medley sheet music (248 hits)

             Modeling (229 hits)
             Fanlistings (117 hits)

             Anime Fanlistings (46 hits)

             About the blogger and blog (42 hits)

             All of my animation posts (185 hits collectively, about fourteen on average per page) (People find them when Googling the movies I review.)

             Wednesday whatever: Wedding rings (34 hits) (People find this while Googling wedding rings)

             Sunday vacation: Pacific Beach and condo rooftop (19 hits) (This one is strange because I guess my bikini pictures can show up if you Google "Pacific Beach," and I guess my bikini pictures are enough to attract visitors!  :b)

             Monday fandom: Gary Oak (16 hits) (Googling Gary Oak memes can lead here, haha.)

Thanks for the views, everyone!  Someday, I hope to have more exciting content (I'm working on a video that debunks an urban legend), but for now, I am happy with the traffic this blog gets.

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