Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rock & Rule graphics

Rock & Rule is a favorite of mine, even though it's not really that good.  Actually, I tend to feel that way about a lot of Canadian animated films.  They're usually not that good, but I love them fiercely anyway.  :b

First of two graphics for this particular scene in the movie.  I still haven't made the second one.
The perfectly lovely Angel voiced by one of my favorite voice actors, Susan Roman.  :)  Also the most human-looking character in the whole movie, haha.

I totally just realized that Angel's hair looks a lot like May's hair from Pokemon, and both hairstyles really don't make sense to me!  What, you shave the back and leave the sides long?  Why?

Also, May's breasts are probably about as big as Angel's, haha.  :b  Are we seriously supposed to believe that she's only ten?

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