Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday dining: Home cooking

Early this afternoon, a guy that I've been on a couple dates with invited me to have dinner with his family.  o.O  I wasn't quite sure what to say since we're certainly far from being official.  I would not even refer to him as someone I'm dating yet, just someone I've been on dates with.  Nevertheless, I felt somewhat flattered that he liked me enough to want me to meet his family already, so I decided why not?  It sounded like fun.  I was quite nervous, though.  Being an introvert, anything that requires a lot of social interaction takes a lot of mental preparation, and afterwards, I'm usually exhausted.  Add that to the fact that I still didn't really know this guy that well, and I was feeling very overwhelmed.

About this guy, the way we met was kind of strange!  My friends and I decided to go to this swimming pool one day.  We weren't supposed to be there because it was a private pool just for the residents of the complex it was part of.  One of our friends was a former resident, though, and she told us that outsiders used it all the time.  Really, we just wanted a hot tub all to ourselves.  :b  So we were all there, having a good time.  This guy was tanning beside the pool.  I looked at him a couple times, but I didn't think too much of him.  About an hour or so, we were reclining in chairs next to the hot tub.  At this point, I had completely forgotten about the guy.  All of a sudden, though, he walked right up to us and asked if he could speak to me.  I felt really nervous.  I was afraid he lived there and was maybe going to accuse us of using the pool when we shouldn't have been.  He took me just inside the complex so that our conversation would be private.  I can't remember what he said anymore, but it was something like, "Hi, I know this is weird, but I think you're really cute.  I like your hair.  Would you be interested in going out with me?"  I felt even more flustered, but I was so flattered that he would work up the courage to come up to me in front of all my friends that I agreed.  My other male friend who was also at the pool when it happened to this day still brings up the incident, calling it "classy."  :b  It was a little embarrassing, but I admired his boldness.  I like bold guys!

That said, we're not in any sort of relationship right now, and I am not making any predictions.  I'm the kind of person who needs to take everything slowly, and relationships probably need the most care of all.

So, for dinner this evening, I wasn't sure how to dress.  Should I dress up?  I didn't want him or his family to think I was trying too hard, but I also didn't want them to think I wasn't trying at all.  Finally, I decided to dress up a little.  My grey skinny jeans, boots, sparkly belt, and my blue leather jacket went well together.  As for my make-up, I went fairly basic, meaning full eye-liner and foundation but no eyeshadow, blush, or lip color.

My rooooooooooots need touching uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup myeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.
My hair is part of the reason this guy was attracted to me.  :b  I think my hair is probably my best asset which is why I keep it so long and blonde.  I definitely get noticed!  I think if I hadn't already been blonde all my life, I would've never gone this light because the introverted part of me doesn't usually like attention, but I've been dealing with the attention since I was little, so it's not a big deal as an adult.

Forgive my silly modeling poses.  It's really hard to do when you have to take pictures yourself!  And annoyingly, these are among the only ones that turned out.  The majority were blurry.  Myeh.

At my friend's parents' house, I felt awkward but tried my best to be social.  They had this huge dog that I was told was a Goldendoodle.  I think it was bigger than me!  Or close to my size, haha.  I normally don't like dogs, but she was very sweet and very soft, and she seemed to like me.  :3  But I could feel my allergies starting to act up almost immediately.  My throat started feeling very itchy.  I kept quiet, though.  The last thing I wanted was to make anyone feel bad about their dog giving me an itchy throat!  I sneezed a few times, but no one seemed to take much notice, thankfully.

Dinner was wonderful.  I hadn't had a home cooked meal since living with my family in Arizona, so this was really nice.  Green beans which I was informed came from their garden, salad, Italian Parmesan chicken, and lasagna!  Lasagna is my favorite food in the whole world, but actually, the chicken really stole the show.  It tasted divine.

After dinner, we played a game outside called Kubb, which is some sort of Viking game in which you throw wooden sticks to knock over the other team's blocks.  Actually, it was quite fun!  I enjoyed it.  After the game, my friend's brother and his wife each had a birthday around the same time, so they were being celebrated today.  Two ice cream cakes were brought out.

They even included the foam!
They used graham crackers for the sand.  Clever.  8)

I guess they're going to Hawaii soon, so they were Hawaiian-themed!  One was daiquiri-flavored, the other was cookies and cream.  The daiquiri-flavored cake was actually good, though definitely different.  I certainly wouldn't choose it, but I wouldn't mind having it again.

It was a very lovely experience.  I felt awkward the whole time, but his family is very nice, and they seemed to accept me.  Their dog likes me, at least!

The dining didn't stop there, though.  My friend then took me to another friend's house to eat brownies and ice cream and watch Survivor.  :b  I am feeling pretty exhausted now, not gonna lie.

But all in all, it was a good night!  (I tried to find an animated image of Mozenrath from the Aladdin T.V. series to fit this line, but I couldn't find one.  I guess I'll have to make my own someday.  :b)

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