Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thesis defense comic - part two

Drawn by my sister, Dani, and colored by me.
Continuing with my concerns about my thesis defense, I was of course concerned about failing in general.  I knew that it is very difficult to fail a defense unless you actually try to fail, but I still had a lot of concerns about something not going right.

And aside from simply wanting to get my degree already, my biggest reason for wanting to graduate as soon as possible is that I am on my last two thesis credits this semester.  This means that if I do NOT graduate, my department would no longer give me scholarship money for further thesis credits, meaning I would have to pay for them entirely on my own.  Considering that I have to be enrolled for two credits during the semester I graduate, I have been very stressed because this is it; I can't keep putting off graduation.  If I do, I'll be forced to spend over seven hundred dollars for just two thesis credits.

And honestly, I am SO SICK of giving this university money.  :b

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