Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thesis defense comic - part three

Continuing with my comics about my concerns about my thesis defense, another concern was that I would freeze up and forget everything, or at least have a hard time getting it all out.  Even with my colleagues or just friends, I HATED talking about my thesis.  It was always such a mouthful, not at all easy to explain, at least not for me.  Whenever I mention my thesis research, people of course always ask what my research was, and I always hate saying it.  I always have to say it slowly to make sure I say it correctly.

"It's . . . uh, about the . . . how the native language background and proficiency level of non-native English speakers affect the comfort level of . . . native English speakers . . . in various situations." 

I'm not particularly passionate about my research either, so I am just so tired of people asking it.

I am basically at this point now.

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