Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday whatever: Pixel art attempt

I really wish I was an artist.  I would be so happy.

First of all, art makes a blog much more interesting and attractive.  People don't usually have the energy to read long passages, but appreciating a picture does not take much time or effort at all.

I'm a writer and hope to get published one day, but sadly, I am unable to share much of my story with anyone because I can't draw.  If I could draw, I would illustrate all sorts of things about my story and share it that way.

Oh, well.  :b

I am also not a pixel artist, but I often enjoy creating pixel art (if my calendar to the left is any indication).  I'm really not good at it at all.  For fun, though, I decided to try creating a pixel version of one of my original characters, Lacole Blink, my cute little horned girl.  The style I chose for her is actually not difficult to draw, but that also means that it's pretty terrible.  :b  But hey, if I ever wanted to make a video game using her image, now I have a sprite to use!  Maybe I'll create her sister someday, too.

I'm not so sure about the eyes, actually.  I originally tried to make them match the swirly look from the drawing, but I couldn't get them to look right on such a small scale, so then I changed them to be more anime-esque.  o.O  I also tried my best with the shading, but it was very difficult because I really am not an artist.  I have no concept of how the shadows should look.

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