Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday holiday - Hoppy Easter!

I am so full right now.  X(  This Easter was probably one of the more...boring ones I've experienced.  Not to say it was bad, but the only family I have in town here is my sister, so it was just the two of us which just made it...different.  No eggs.  No big breakfast.  :/

My sister came over in the afternoon.  We went to the grocery store and bought some things for the dinner we planned on making: chicken corn chowder and mashed potatoes.  It turned out great, but it also took a couple hours and made a huge mess, the biggest mess I've ever seen in my kitchen since moving here!  But it was really good, and now, we have leftovers, yay!

As for chocolate, plenty of that, too!  I had bought some to put in our candy jar, plus my parents got me a box-thing of Godiva chocolates in lieu of an Easter basket.  They gave it to me about a week ago when they were here visiting, actually, but I waited until today to open it...of course, I still haven't opened since I am still full from dinner.  Seriously, I hit the wall.  I am so full.