Monday, June 22, 2015

CatCon LA

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I made the very long drive to LA.  We drove up most of the day Friday, and then spent most of the next day driving back.


We were going to CatCon!  >^____^<

It's exactly what it sounds like.  It's like Comic Con, but for people who like cats.  My sister and I have been cat fanatics for as long as we can remember.  We were always dressing up like cats or acting like cats or gushing over cats.  Our first cat when we were kids was a calico named Itchy.  I don't remember too much about her, but I remember loving her so much.  Our second cat was a grey kitten that we named Smokey, but unfortunately, I developed an allergy to cats at that time, and we had to give him away.  We were all so sad!  We didn't get another cat until we were young teenagers.  At the point, I started taking Zyrtec which worked amazing.  Later, I started taking allergy injections.  I've currently been taking them for three years now.  >.<

Anyway, we were both extremely excited to go to CatCon, but we also knew that it would be an exhausting trip because we both had jobs to get back to on Monday, and in my case, I had a lot of grading and preparation for all three of my classes.  The trip was very short indeed, but it was fun.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but basically, there was a lot of cat art, clothes, toys, books, and obviously, cats up for adoption.  There were also presentations, and cat celebrities Lil Bub and Pudge were there, too.  I didn't actually see these cats, though.

Oh, the creator of Emily the Strange, Rob Reger, was also there, apparently.  I didn't see him, but I so wish I had!  I would've gotten his autograph.  :D

Bracelets to prove we paid!  >^___^<
My cat clip-on ears that I bought from Icing!  Or was it Claire's?
I don't know why it has a mustache, but daw.
Kind of weird.  D8
I would love to have this for my cat.
These pins represent our three cats.  The white even has different colored eyes like my sister's cat!
This was some sort of robot cat.  Kind of cute and fun.
I think this was like catnip or cat toys that resemble sushi.
I really wanted this dress, but thankfully, it wasn't in my size.  :b
This ring was too cute (and cheap) to pass up!
How weird would it be for your cat to be so famous that stuffed animals are made based on it?  (This is Lil Bub, by the way.)
I want these.  I don't even care.
Freakin' sweet.
We bought this for my little sister because she likes Doctor Who and cats!
But I also considered buying her this because she really like Supernatural, too.  Ultimately, we decided that more people would get the Doctor Who poster.  This one could just be mistaken for cats wearing clothes, no special meaning.
This one's cute, too.  Great artist.
Creepy, but cool.
Haha, this guy was totally wearing a Cardcaptor Sakura costume (her pink kitty costume that she wears to catch the Thunder card).  Why didn't I think of that?!
I, uh...yeah...I don't really know what to say about this except to ask...who could possibly want to buy a print of this?  I mean, seriously, where would you display it?  I think it was part of some sort of bigger presentation originally, but wow, it is so weird and uncomfortable.
Ah, I would so love to have this for Halloween.

We weren't there for too long, just a few hours, but we felt it was worth it.  Hopefully, Grumpy Cat will be there next year!  If they do it again next year, that is.  I sure hope so!