Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday modeling - Tangy Slice Imagery

This photo shoot occurred on a weekday while I was teaching.  I normally don't agree to weekday shoots, but I made an exception for a reason I don't remember.  I think, perhaps, that I was already booked for the weekend and had no further weekends available for awhile.  Whatever the reason, it happened on a Wednesday evening after I finished a long day of teaching.

I met the photographer I was working with, Dave, at a hospital that apparently led right to our shooting location.  I was extremely nervous and anxious, not sure if I looked good enough or not.  We drove out to a "castle" which I had never been to before.  For the shoot, I brought all four of my formal gowns and tried to look as nice as I could with my limited hair styling skills.  There were no restrooms or anything around the castle, so I had to change in my car which wasn't easy, but it wasn't so difficult that I couldn't manage it.

After the shoot was supposed to be over, I changed back into my clothes and was about to drive away when Dave told me that he saw some other cool settings and asked if I wanted to get some more shots.  I was already pretty tired, but I figured why not?  I was already dressed up, might as well.  He got some pictures by a large body of water (with me reflected in it), a grove of trees, and against some lights.  I wore just one dress the whole time, the gold one.

The weather and lighting was great, and we managed to get a lot of excellent shots.  In fact, I loved so many of them that it took me a month to go through the proofs he sent me and select just a few of them.

As always, I was more concerned with my expression than with my body.  I think I'm decent at making my body look okay, but getting a good expression is difficult since I have no idea what I look like until I see the film.

Overall, this was a great shoot, and I really liked the touch-up work Dave did.  :)

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