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Who am I indeed?  Well, what is it about me that you want to know?

I have an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  I received my BA from the University of Arizona in Linguistics.  Because I love language learning and English, I decided to become an ESL (English as a second language) teacher.  This is my great contribution to the world, I suppose.  It is one of the first questions we ask when we meet someone, is it not?  Actually, I try to avoid asking this question if possible.  I find that discussing what other people do for a living is actually kind of boring!  But I hate small talk in general.  :b

Who am I beyond what I do for a living?  There are many ways to describe me, but perhaps the simplest way to put it is that I am an introvert.  I enjoy quiet, solitary activities.  I can do pretty much nothing all day long and not be bored at all and even feel completely fulfilled at the end of the day.  It's not that I do not enjoy getting out and being with other people; it's just that I don't need to do those things to be happy or to have fun.

I created this blog to document events in my life with some minor emphasis on how my introversion factors in and affects what I do and how I feel everyday.  In a world where extroversion is highly valued and introversion is often considered a defect, it can be difficult to prove my worth even to myself at times, and I often find that need to really push myself to "fit in" with what society expects from me.  Whether I'm teaching in the classroom or just hanging out with members of my extended family, I often find that I am having to force myself to behave in extroverted ways in order to succeed in social exchanges.  Acting in such a way that is unnatural to me is, as one might guess, very exhausting and difficult.  Is it fair?  Certainly not, but I and millions of other introverts have accepted that this is simply something we must do in order to be successful.  I do not expect this blog to help other introverts in any way, but I hope that my insight might at least resonate with other introverts in some way.


I've been asked a lot about the title of my blog.  Peridot is indeed my birthstone.  It's not necessarily my favorite gemstone (I honestly don't think I could choose a favorite; they are all so beautiful), but it is special to me because I've grown up with it being mine in a way.  Like other girls, I would often get jewelry with my birthstone.  It's a very special stone to me now for that reason.

"My Peridot" can be taken to mean anything precious to me.  All of my thoughts, feelings, interests, loves, they are all my peridots.  This blog is my peridot.  Everything I say here is important to me even if it seems trivial and silly to others.  I don't care.  I am not ashamed of what I love.

As for the OH! part, well, myperidot was already registered as a blogspot blog, so I added that on.  I was a bit disappointed first, but I like the way the OH! adds something extra in the logo.

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