I really enjoy modeling even though I'm short and extremely shy and introverted.  I was convinced I was ugly for many years up until I reached my early twenties, so with my newfound confidence in my looks, modeling is something that makes me happy.  I love seeing high-quality pictures of myself in which I look beautiful, unique, stunning.  It really makes me feel good about myself, and since my self-esteem is almost always wavering, I feel that I should capitalize on anything that makes me feel good.  It is definitely a struggle to find the courage to show up to a shoot because I have an intense fear of disappointing people, but I find that I am always so happy when I do and see the end result.

I am extremely new to modeling but hope to develop my portfolio over the next few months.  As an introvert, it can be overwhelming to reach out to photographers or respond to requests for shoots.  It takes a great amount of courage for me to correspond with potential photographers.  I know that photographers could choose and have any models they want, so it means a lot to me when I am specifically requested.

While I have not yet found my niche in modeling, my interests are fashion- and glamour-related.  I want to make beauty, be surrounded by it.  I love artistic themes and unique poses.  I want to convey meaning beyond what can actually be seen in my photos.  I want my photos to mean different but beautiful things to different people.  I want people to wonder what's going on in my head when they look at my photos.  I recognize that it will take a lot of practice before I can get this good, but that is my ultimate goal as a model.

I also love "behind the scenes" shots.  :)

Rusty Sidewinder Sessions (2014):

Josh Nistas (2014):

Charles Erickson (2014):

Brandan Lee (2014):

Dave (2014):


jpsteel (2015):

Bryan Gilbert - BGPStudios (2015):

Dave - Tangy Slice Imagery (2015):

Scott Peterson - scp studio (2015):



  1. You are stunning! Would love to set up a shoot with you!
    Tim at Benttail Studios on Model Mayhem.

  2. Nice shot. You look great here ! The pose technique is well done and your overall look is great . The oufit goes with the pose too.

  3. The shot of you on the footlocker is great. The pose technique is well done and your overall look and the outfit goo together well ( I think this is the 3rd time I have tried to comment)